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recruitmentIn a world of rapid change and heightened competition, you can't afford to go wrong when it comes to human capital. The right person for the right job is no longer just an ideal, but a critical factor in the race towards performance and profitability. But with the intense competition for talent stretching across markets and borders, securing the right talent for your business is harder than ever. That's where Mango Tree Resources come in. We are the experts in finding the right candidate for you!

This has been achieved by us working closely with our clients, and over a period of time developing a comprehensive understanding of their businesses, philosophies and management practices. Which allows us to source the right candidates for the right job, without fail. Our in-depth market understanding is also key to us helping clients resolve their recruitment issues.

Building on a wide network and a solid database, we are able to break away from the competition with timely strategies to identify, secure and retain the finest available human capital on behalf of our clients.

We aim to be our clients' strategic partner in the area of corporate recruitment services. We contribute by taking over tedious and time-consuming processes such as paperwork, sourcing for candidates, as well as the interviewing and short-listing of highly competent candidates. Our clients benefit with more time freed for them to concentrate on their core businesses and significant cost savings, but yet retaining control and visibility in the recruitment process.

Large pool of candidates

Advertising alone is not always sufficient to reach out to all the potential candidates for a particular vacancy. There can be many reasons for that, for example, the right candidates may not be actively seeking employment. At Mango Tree Resources, this is where we can value-add to your recruitment process. We work through our vast network of recommendations and referrals to reach an even larger pool of candidates, thus ensuring the best job fit possible from the widest selection of candidates possible.

We work towards matching the qualifications of candidates to the specifications of the job. With an active and growing database, we are confident of providing you with the right people for the right job in your organization.

We have candidates in the following categories....

Recruitment Process
1. Develop placement plan
We work closely with client to understand client's company structure, culture, history and your industry to develop a placement plan.

2. Establish job specification
Job functions, role of the job, reporting structure, immediate and long-term challenges will be clarified during the establishment of the job specification. Experience and academic qualifications required of the candidates.

3. Assessing candidates
We screen the candidates very carefully before dispatching them to the client. All potential candidates will be thoroughly assessed to ensure they meet the criteria set out in the job specifications. Reference check may be conducted as a form of background checking.

4. Interview and selection
When the client has identified the most suitable candidates, we will play an active role in structuring and negotiating the right compensation package.

5. Follow up
We will assist newly hired candidates to phase into their new environments. In addition, we will maintain contact and feedback from placed candidates.