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"Be Happy"

Our Vision is a concise description of our company's aspirations, based on our core values and beliefs. In addition, our Mission clearly declares our commitment to achieving our stated goals .

With a clear goal, vision, mission and core values as foundation, Mango Tree Resources provides a high degree of transparency, therefore giving life to the 'Spirit of Mango Tree Resources" which drives our work and our business.

Who are we?
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Who Are We?

Established since 2004, Mango Tree Resources Pte Ltd was founded by a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds but a common passion for excellence. Today, it offers a broad range of one-stop HR solutions to meet its clients' needs.

People are Mango Tree Resources' greatest asset. We have a team of dedicated, professional and highly qualified staff who stand behind our promise of service quality and professional excellence.

Since incorporation, Mango Tree Resources has rapidly grown to become the preferred human resources solution provider to leading local and multinational corporations.

Our customers, our partners and our staff all have contributed to our success and are the reasons we are confident of a brilliant future.

Core Values - "Be Happy" is a set of core values that have been adopted throughout our organization. These values are very much in place today and we share them with our clients, candidates and employees alike.


To provide clients with the best possible Human Resources solutions, guided by our More for Less principle: More efficient, value-added HR services and at lesser costs to our clients.


To become a recognized Human Resources solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region, deeply rooted in the values of service and excellence to provide unending growth for our clients.

Core Values - "Be Happy" is a set of core values have been adopted throughout our organization. These values are very much in place today and extend to our clients, candidates and employees alike.

  • Beacon - Like a shining beacon of light, we play a key advisory role to our clients in all matters related to HR.
  • Enabling - By maintaining the highest level of professional competency, we enable ourselves and our clients to achieve every goal we set.
  • Honesty - By insisting on honesty and maintaining the highest levels of business ethics, we win the trust of all who work for us and all whom we work for.
  • Attitude - With our can-do attitude, we enable ourselves to take on and overcome any challenge, whether as individuals or as a company.
  • Passion - There is no success without passion, and we will always have a desire to achieve service excellence and stay ahead through continuous learning.
  • Process - We will always follow the processes that lead to success, including keeping to best practices, maintaining a trim organization, adherence to SOP and providing a professional Shared Service Center.
  • Yield - We will do all we can to yield the best results, which means not just profit and performance for ourselves, but also for every client that we serve.